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5 things i will never say no to as a mom

Parenting can be so hard but so rewarding. I believe that a good balance of no and yes with my children will make them tough and kind. They won't grow to be entitled and they will learn to help and give to others. They will learn that sometimes life is not fair but they can also work hard for what they want. So, sometimes they will hear no in life and as toddlers and little kids that can be hard.

Here are 5 things that i will NEVER say no to with my children:

1. If they ever ask for fruits or vegetables. Day or night they can have them. Recently my toddler asked for 3 bowls full of carrots. 3!!!! SURE! It's hard enough to get a toddler to eat.

2. Hugs and kisses. If they ever ask for them, EVEN if i am in the middle of something important. I stop and give them the love they need.

3. Time to talk. My babes are a little small now but i remember as a young child and teen, my mom and dad would always take time to listen to me. I want to ALWAYS be sure to listen. If they have concerns or heartache i will always listen and give advice.

4. Praying. We are a God loving people in our house. If my children ever asks to sing a hymn or say a prayer, we stop and we do it. I want them to know and understand that there is a higher power that they can rely on as they grow older.

5. Reading books. Whenever they ask to read, i do it. It has been proven that reading daily to your young babes gives them a bigger vocabulary and makes them early readers.

What are some things YOU never say no to?


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