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The Bag of Chips

I want to share something that may seem really small and silly but to me it’s a big deal and makes my heart happy. I also feel it can be an encouragement to others who are a step parent and have had struggles❤️ 

My step daughter is 8. I have been in her life since she was 3. She has ALWAYS been a breeze to be with. Sweet and kind and obedient. Working things out with her mother hasn’t been terribly hard but it hasn’t always been easy for me. I’ve learned A LOT through prayer and being humble. 

For the past couple of years she would call me mom occasionally.  If she was comfortable, i didn’t mind her doing it. Especially with a toddler and new baby around, it just made it easier. It wasn’t until recently she started calling me mom ALL THE TIME. Now, When she makes reference to her mom she says “my other mom...” instead of just “my mom...” 

TODAY when i was handing her a bag of chips and i started to open it for her, she said “i can do it! You taught me how to do it at Disneyland.”(we went months ago) 

The point of me sharing the story of her calling me mom and the chip story is to say that it makes me happy that i can be an influence in her life. Big or small, i wanted to make a difference to her and these 2 things make me feel like i am. As she gets older i hope that i can teach her deeper things other than just “opening a bag of chips.” 😂I want her to always remember that I’m on her side and i love her like i do the 2 children that i birthed. It’s so so hard to be a step parent because it’s even more thankless than a regular parent job. ❤️ JUST KNOW, you are making a difference to those children’s  hearts and lives. ❤️

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