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Owning an online shop

I've wanted to share my shops story evolution for awhile. I started my shop in the fall of 2015. It was TOTALLY different.
I got the Idea from my sister in law who has a local shop in Tennessee. I thought i could do my own thing and started with bows, well really shabby flower headbands and necklaces. They sold a bit but i never really felt like that style fit me. I eventually got into fabric bows. I realized how i could make them even though i didn't sew.
I had customers purchase and then purchase again and some of my first customers have become friends and a great support!
The first year or so i struggled watching other shops killing it and giving out a brand that seemed so confident and sure. I wished i was some of those brands and tried to fit my style to be like theirs. It just wasn't working.
I felt like i knew what i wanted to be but i didn't know how to get there. I knew that i wanted to be a vintage & classic feel kind of brand but also have a whimsical style with color. I wanted classic pieces that could be used for years to come that wouldn't fade with the trends. I would seriously pray for help and inspiration.
In the beginning i was only making bows. I expanded into socks and though i loved selling them i wasn't super excited about it. I've recently added teether wooden toys (vintage hankie) and it's been so fun. I went on to add little bracelets too.
Though i carry items that so many other shops do, i have tried to put my own style on them. With non traditional fabrics or just unique styles.
For example i CAN NOT make a sailor bow. Haha i am not good at it! SO, i don't offer those because it isn't fun for me. I know so many fun shops that DO make them If you need a shop for those!! I also offer felt bow ties but not fabric ones because i don't love making that style. I feel like just recently i have come into my brand. I know what i want to represent and be. I know that i want to be a shop where little babes can come to find their unique vintage and classic heirloom. Our accessories can be paired with those darling little bloomers or tights. They can be paired with darling other accessories or tops.
Owning an online shop is hard. It's rewarding. It's fun. It's exhausting, creatively speaking. But i say, if you have a talent or a hobby that can be made and sold to others, DO IT!!
I started on Etsy and they were a perfect place for my beginnings. Having a website has been so liberating and fun! Growing an Instagram presence has been hard and time consuming (and doing that is a separate blog post for another day) but it's worth it to meet so many darling mamas and friends along the way! DO NOT give up on it if it's something you want to try! I love offering advice from my experience of having a shop and having it on Instagram. If you ever need help, send me a message! And i ALSO love receiving tips or advice on what i should add to the shop!❤️



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