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Welcome to Marty and Penelope

I am so so excited to be launching the Marty and Penelope website. It has been a long and coming process for a few months feeling ready to leave the Etsy platform that I started in 2015.

I wanted to introduce the face behind the shop. I'm Brittney! I grew up in Nashville Tennessee. I have lived in Italy, New York City, Nebraska and currently in Salt Lake City Utah with my darling little family. 

I absolutely love being creative. Being a mother and shop owner have been my most rewarding jobs yet! It is so fun to see what people love to accessorize their  darlings in. Whether it be darling bows, bowties, pretty little socks and etc. I love to be part of it!

You can find me most days watching Disney Cars or The Planes movie with my toddler, making bows and eating Chips, pizza or yogurt. I LOVE watching The Office and Parks and Rec on repeat and I love to read! 

Thank you so much for joining me on my little bow shop journey! And everyday you can find my updates on Instagram @martyandpenelope! 




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