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The Jingle ribbon Wands

The Jingle ribbon Wands

Marty and Penelope

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My darling little boy is obsessed with flags and i thought it be so fun to add our own little version of “flags” to our shop. 

They come with a bell attached for a fun little noise maker. I can hear our little Alice wherever she is roaming in the house when she carries the wand around. 

Each wand is unique and may differ slightly from the photo with a ribbon style or 2 difference. 

These are customizable for color if you don’t see one you love here. Just choose the “custom” option in the listing. *colors only can be requested - not style. 

The stick is about 12 inches and the ribbons measure about 14-16 inches depending on their style of ribbon. 

The ribbons are glued on and the wand has small parts (a bell that is tied to a ribbon) *BEST FOR ONLY 3 Years and up!!